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Keyham Village Hall

Keyham Village Hall is predominantly for use by villagers and is used for events, parties and meetings for local groups and individuals. It is available to outside parties for low key events (see conditions below). Parking at the hall and in the village is very limited.

For more information contact:

Chairman of the Hall Management Committee

Charges and Conditions

Hire charges for routine events in the hall are £5 per hour for Keyham residents and double that amount, £10 per hour, for non-residents. Commercial events are charged at the non-resident rate. Events that require access to the hall over a multi-day period for setting up and closing down (e.g. Wedding Receptions) will be charged at a standard rate of £300 for Keyham residents and double that rate (£600) for nonresidents and commercial events. In addition to these charges, KVHMC may ask for a deposit of £500 to cover damages and cleaning. These charges are payable one month in advance of the event.

To protect the interests of the hall, its close neighbours, and the wider village of Keyham, each event will be subjected to an impact assessment. That assessment will look at a variety of factors including:- i) The type of event being proposed; the customer will be required to provide full details of the event (e.g. music, catering, dancing, alcohol sales, age range of attendees) ii) The anticipated number of invited attendees (the Fire Authorities have set occupancy limits as listed below and must not be exceeded) iii) The potential for non-invited attendees (e.g. through the use of social media and/or word of mouth) iv) The number of vehicles coming to the village and number of vehicles requiring parking in the village (note: the village hall car park has capacity for about 15 vehicles only and street parking is severely limited; parking is NOT allowed in the Dog & Gun car park) v) The potential for disturbance to hall neighbours and the wider village vi) The number of similar events taking place in the hall and wider village around the proposed date

The hall is NOT licensed to sell alcohol or play amplified music. It is the responsibilities of the customer to obtain the necessary licences for their event (i.e. Temporary Events Notice from HDC). Amplified music must cease before 11 pm and the event must end before midnight. All events must be posted in Keyham News to warn residents of potential disturbance. All event management is the responsibility of the customer who will be expected to deal positively with any extraneous issues that might arise during the event. Representatives of KVHMC will not be in attendance at events. The hall does not employ a caretaker or cleaner. The hall is maintained to a reasonable standard of cleanliness and must be returned to an equivalent standard after the event. Customers are welcome to provide their own cleaning services both before and after events. If the hall is not returned to a satisfactory level of cleanliness and repair, contractors will be engaged at the expense of the customer. Rubbish removal is the responsibility of the customer. No sellotape or blutac. Children must be supervised at all times. Teenage parties will not be accommodated owing to the risks associated with over attendance resulting from the use of social media.

KVHMC reserves the right to refuse any booking request. Fire Service Occupancy Figures (must be rigorously controlled by the customer and must NOT be exceeded)

Extract from Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Fire Prevention Inspection Report – April 1990


Closely seated 120

Seated at tables 76

Seated at tables with dancing 95

Dancing - no tables 120

Keyham Village Hall Management Committee