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History of the Village

This part of the website has recently been constructed and is expected to grow. If you would like to contribute please let us know.

There is lots of information available about the history of Keyham.

A good starting point is this book produced by Ros Atkin and Steve Michell in 2000 as part of the village's Millennium celebrations.

Another book, written by Rowles Harrison in 1995, gives a vivid account of life in Keyham in the first half of the 20th Centuary. It may be available at a local library (ISBN 0-7509-0999-4) but many villagers will have a copy for you to borrow. The foundry that is the subject of the book is Harrison Castings which celebrated its centenary in 2011.

  • A Foundry in a Garden (PDF, 1.8 Mb)

    Origins of the Harrison Castings foundry in Keyham and a description of village life in the first half of the 20th centuary

Keyham News (the village's monthly newsletter) regularly features articles about the history of the village and its residents. Those articles are submitted by residents, former residents and local historians. To find out more, trawl through the back issues of Keyham News on this site and you will soon come across something of historical interest.

Electronic copies on this site go back to 2016. Digital copies going back to 2011 are available and will be loaded at some point by the KN Editors. Paper copies of KN are available going back to the 1980s and are currently being catalogued locally and being made available to the Leicestershire Records Office for safe keeping.